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Contains more than 2600 3D texture-mapped models and 3000+ textures. Its unique ability is to instantly alter the appearance of QuickPick models and
with one click, the user can exchange the models’ textures and can create limitless variations of QuickPick models. QuickPick’s hierarchically organized browser displays images of every model and texture. It is indispensable to locate and to load the items into the working directory. To match any model with an appropriate texture is a snap.

    QuickPick provides authentic models and textures for interior design.
    Facilitatesaquickselection of models and textures from the database.
    Modifies your 3D scenes or designs by swapping the applied textures.

    Visually aids esthetic judgment with side-by-side texture comparisons.
    Manages projects. You can create, save and reload existing projects.

TofullyappreciateQuickPick'scapability,runoursamples below.