Announcing: Special price on just released QuickPick Version 3.0.
 Compatible with Windows 7 and all older OS.

QuickPick CAD Interface is an efficient, time and cost-effective solution for any Interior Designers or Architect!

With QuickPick, you will have thousands of premium models and textures at your fingertips.
You can choose, match or swap textures in your scene instantly and whether you work with
a top of the line or a budget CAD program, QuickPick will increase your productivity tenfold.

See what QuickPick can do.  Watch these


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Countless combinations are at your finger tips.

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No tedious remapping is necessary.
Just select a new finish and render

Changing the styling of a kitchen - Example

Instant exchange of textures and other
finishes on the models in your CAD scene
QuickPick Figures are not included in QuickPick.
Manufacturer Documented models
QuickPick models represent real world
merchandise that can be purchased
QuickPick Help
Extensive help make it easy, but if you
get stuck, there is free phone help 24x7
Match your textures before rendering.
Save rendering time by utilizing previews
and by side by side textures comparison
Three clicks to find any model in database
With hierarchically organized menu,
you will find any model in seconds

There is more!

QuickPick is not limited to swapping textures on the mapped models, but can also exchange textures with paint when applicable, like on kitchen cabinets, doors, windows and woodwork and although large number of QuickPick models is un-mapped, QuickPick facilitates easy resaving of the mapped, re-mapped or otherwise edited models in their original location within the QuickPick directories for subsequent use. For floors, QuickPick provides sections from which a complete floor can be assembled and then you will be able to do even some seemingly impossible tasks, like instantly swap a board type hardwood floor, with ceramic tiles, parquet floor, or wall to wall carpets. The same changes can be done with walls, where you can instantly change wallpaper to tiles or even stone.

Screen shots

These screenshots will give you a good idea how the QuickPick works. The dynamically resizing frames are displaying images of every model and all available
textures. Clicking on any model or texture will send it to the QuickPick working directory. Any subsequent click will replace the existing texture on the model.

10 Reasons why you need QuickPick

      QuickPick is the only application that can exchange any texture in your interior scene, quickly changing or transforming its character.
      QuickPick database includes nearly 3000 high quality 3D models and more than 3000 seamless textures, all just few clicks away.
      QuickPick 3D models represent authentic, real world, manufacturer documented items that can be purchased. No boxy generic models.
      QuickPick Interface provides for a speedy navigation and selection of models and textures. No more wasted hours hunting for models.
      With QuickPick on your laptop, your client can participate in selecting preferred finishes and you can make the changes on the spot.
      With QuickPick’s interface it is easy to manage your client projects. You can create and save existing scenes or reload previous ones.
      QuickPick’s instant preview and side-by-side comparisons aid with coordinating finishes for wood, fabric, wallpaper, borders or paint.
      QuickPick's dynamic interface and vast model and texture database represents dollar for dollar unsurpassed value in CAD industry.
      QuickPick program works with any CAD program and all windows OS.

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      Supported formats or imports are DWG, 3DS, MAX, DXF, TCW, DCD.

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QuickPick V.3.0 now only $199.00    
QuickPick models sold separately or in collections or programs are available in DWG, MAX, 3DS, TCW, DCD and DXF Formats.
The models are delivered as surfaced 3D geometry with no implied warranty of fitness to a particular purpose.