QuickPick Demo - Floors

Exchanging a mapped floor finish in your design presents a unique problem since the character of each different floor finish may differ entirely.

With QuickPick this problem is solved and you can exchange floors instantly, whether they are 1x1 tiles, 2x2 tiles, hard wood floors or wall to wall carpeting.

This slide show display various looks of an identical scene altered with QuickPick and rendered in CAD program.

Each material change is achieved quickly by selecting alternate textures in QuickPick program.




When it come so floor finishes,  QuickPick offers some exclusive features.

1. You can effortlessly change any type of floor. For example tiled floor to board type wood flooring or to a wall to wall carpeting.

2. When ceramic floor is being created, QuickPick employs several different images of a ceramic tile, so that the tiled floor looks natural and tiles are not identical by repeating one identical tile.

3. QuickPick can also swap 1x1 tiles with 2x2 tile clusters without any editing of the CAD drawing.